What if you could handle anxiety according to God’s Word and break the cycle of anxious thoughts in less than 10 days?

With Pathway to Peace, there’s no need to be stuck in a cycle of anxious thoughts, fear & overwhelm. You’ll learn how to stop the spiral & find peace daily.


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Find Peace Again!

Are you having a hard time finding ways to cope with everything going on around you?

You totally believe in God and have faith, but of all the things you have tried, nothing works? Maybe you are bombarded with anxious thoughts, fear, and overwhelm. It’s keeping you stuck, and you know that if you could just get past this, you could totally conquer the things in front of you and live out the purpose God has planted in your heart! Get the biblically-based skills you need to handle anxiety in 10 days!

features an entirely self-paced model walking you through:

Study Guide

A 10-Day Study Guide taking you through a Scripture-based approach, with the Biblical process of change, powerful scripture, daily “baby step” actions, guided study, and the 4-step strategy straight out of God’s Word that takes you from STRESSED to PEACEFUL! 

VALUE: $50

Audio Coaching

Daily Audio Teaching and Coaching from Marla with practical tips, suggestions, and the strategies that have helped me overcome!

VALUE: $50


Scripture Affirmation to hack your brain and rewire it for peace!

VALUE: $25

(but also, how do you put a PRICE on being able to change your brain???)


A separate PDF workbook for the deeper reflection exercises and reusable Transformation Journal that will take you from feeling anxious, spiraling, and a distracted overwhelmed self to having a clear cut Holy-Spirit driven action plan for when anxiety attacks!

VALUE: $75

Scripture Guide

An extensive list of passages in the Bible to provide you with even more reading and study material when you finish these ten days.

VALUE: $25


  • Scripture Wallpaper for your phone!
  • Custom playlist of my favorite songs for finding peace!
  • Exclusive discounts on other workshops and programs!

Hi, I’m Marla Stanley, Biblical Counselor, wife and mom, and I’ve worked with women to find Biblical solutions to their problems for 12 years. I’ve helped them overcome the issues facing them from anxiety to depression to eating disorders, health struggles, relationship problems and learning how to connect more deeply with God.

The idea for Pathway to Peace came to me when I looked around me and saw literally everyone on social media going through trauma and battling anxiety, stress, and overwhelm due to recent world events.

With so much up in the air right now, I know that so many of my clients and friends are struggling, whether because they already dealt with anxiety… or because they now are juggling dramatic work and life changes…

Basically, we could all use a fast track

to peace right now.

So, I asked myself the question:

“How can I help as many women as possible find peace during uncertain times...say a personal path to peace in 10 days...especially right now, when so many people need it the most?

…I didn’t ask “How can I help them understand the Bible and pull relevant scriptures to study?” That can take a few months.

...I didn’t ask “How can I help them trust God more?” That can take a lifetime.

I asked “How can I help women find the path to peace in the shortest amount of time?

The more I thought about this, I kept coming back to what I know best…

A Biblical strategy for change that is panic-proof so a woman--any Christian woman--can learn the steps and craft a customized action plan to find peace.


SUPER fast.

Like, less than a month of counseling and you’re there fast.

Right now, you’re struggling with all the thoughts...

floundering in cycles of feelings...

and maybe even have panic creeping up unexpectedly.

Imagine if you didn’t have to worry about those anymore?

What if you KNEW you had the tools to get through any and every bit of fear, anxiety, or overwhelm the world or even Satan himself could throw at you?

What would it be like to actually taste the peace God talks about in Scripture?

Friend, you are so close to it. You probably already know all the Bible verses, you just need to learn how to break it down and apply the steps in the right order.

Guess what????

I did ALL that work for you so you can literally look at a “fill-in-the-blank” action plan and see your personal pathway to peace unfold before your eyes!

Oh, and I’m going to be there in your ear (literally-there is an mp3 of me talking to you to listen to every day).

You aren’t even ready for the shift that is your life 2 weeks from today! 

Get this ridiculously low price now before it goes away forever. I’m not joking-This is only going to be here for a short time, and when it’s released again the price will be going up!

A Strategy Based in Scripture

The strategy I teach inside Pathway to Peace is the same one I used to break out of my own spiral when dealing with stressful trauma in our family, postpartum anxiety... 

It’s the same strategy I use to help 1:1 counseling clients (when medicine wasn’t cutting it) to get results in the first 2-3 sessions with me.

(Which paved the way to the list of totally satisfied clients I have today.)

It’s the same strategy that so many counselors, therapists, and neuroscientists are using every single day.

Now, I’m teaching it to YOU.

You’re totally welcome. ;-)

  • A path to peace that is fast, effective, and actually built on Scripture.
  • A path to peace that you can use no matter what type of anxiety you have experienced, even you don’t feel peaceful.
  • A path to peace that you can use over and over, long after this crazy stressful season has passed.

So, what’s in it for you?

The Pathway to Peace formula works for any Christian woman--regardless of denomination, type of anxiety you deal with, local or global!

If you’re looking for a Bible-based way to find peace, I’ve got you covered.

Better yet, if you’re looking for a way to find the peace that can quickly turn into trusting God regularly, seeing patterns change in your life, and growing your faith beyond those ten days, I’ve got you more than covered.

Inside Pathway to PeaceTM…

I’m taking it back to the foundations of my own battle with anxiety.

I’m sharing with you the strategies I’ve never shared before.

And I’m sharing this stuff right now because I don’t want your spiritual, emotional, and mental health to simply survive in this season…

I want to see it thriving in the abundant life God has for you!

 And it absolutely can…

IF you choose to pivot with Pathway to Peace.

Try saying that five times fast.


Just join now. ;-)

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!

Here’s what you’ll learn inside

  • How to move your heart from anxious, fearful, and overwhelmed to peaceful using the Biblical Model of Change--a super simple method straight from God’s Word that will shift everything for you through baby steps. No need to overthink things here, I broke it down into bite-sized pieces so if you can follow directions on a mad-lib, you can do this!
  • How to understand the anxiety you feel, and what God wants you to do when it shows up. 
  • How to embrace the promises of God and your part in living that out. Hint: it’s WAY simpler than you think, and you’ll love the freedom that comes when you practice this biblical step!
  • How to Check your Thoughts and discern what is true and false. Comparing the thoughts, emotions, and what you are dealing with daily to God’s Word will clarify for you the next steps you need to take!
  • How to renew your mind--what does that mean anyway?? Exactly. That’s what we are going to break down and teach you to do as you respond to all the factors of life. 
  • How to flip the script and ditch the spiral of anxious thoughts--by crafting a Custom Action Plan--giving you a clear cut path to move from fear to peace each and every time.
  • How to use Scripture + Neuro-hacking to actually get out of your head for good--you’ll receive a Scripture Affirmation to rewire your brain on autopilot. This strategy is actually in Scripture, and when paired with the structure studied by neuroscientists is confirmed to work with your brain to be the most effective tool in changing our thought processes and creating momentum towards our desired outcomes. 
  • Do’s and Don’ts in your daily routine--using not only “spiritual” strategies, but also “natural” strategies that set up barriers to keep anxious thoughts at bay from morning to evening!
  • How to Praise Through the Problem! I’ll talk you through (literally-I have some audio coaching for you) about shifting to praise as we deal with issues of life. Strongholds are going to be broken down when you take this step, and it’s going to pave a way for deeper faith in all areas of life!
  • How to live in freedom from fear, no matter what you are facing! The impact of finding the true spiritual freedom that lasts in the face of literally any fear is crazy. It’s almost too good to be true--kind of like God’s gift of salvation. You’re just not even ready for it!!!

And did I mention that you’re going to be feeling more calm and peaceful in less than 2 weeks?

Yes. This pathway is fast and effective.

More peace? CHECK.

Sustainable strategies for conquering fear? CHECK.

And a proven formula to get you there in less than 14 days?


What you get when you join

All of this is packed into your portal for the course...

The Pathway to Peace Study Guide: A PDF study guide you can follow along with each day that walks you through ten days of scripture, devotions, prompts, prayer, and action steps to peace. This covers the Biblical Process of Change, Scripture’s 4-step strategy to conquer anxious thoughts, and more. This is printable and also a fillable PDF so you can print and work by hand or save your answers directly into the file.

The Pathway to Peace Reflection Exercise Workbook: A PDF workbook  with the Map to Your Heart Exercises (Heart Dump Mind Map, Biblical Process of Change, Custom Anxiety Action Plan, and Transformation Journal). This is also both a printable and fillable PDF so you can print and work by hand or save your answers directly into the file.

Daily Audio Teaching and Coaching from Marla: Additional insights, scripture, and advice from my own journey from fear to peace. BONUS: There is also a transcript for each day, so if audio isn’t your thing it’s all written down for you to read!

Scripture Affirmation for peace: A brain-based tool for neurohacking that will rewire your thinking with God’s truth! No woo-woo here. This alone is worth the price of this course!

Scripture Guide for Further Study: An extensive list of Bible passages to help with continued learning after the ten days is over.


Scripture Wallpaper for Phone- a beautiful custom-designed image you can use to remind you of the goal as you go through the ten days to find peace!

Pathway to Peace Playlist – My personal Spotify playlist curated with Scripture-based songs that lead my heart to peace when my head just can’t get there! This is my not-so-secret weapon that works like a charm on my worst days. I can’t wait for you to listen and share your favorites with me! :)

WOAH! That’s a ton of stuff for just $69.99? For real?!

Absolutely. The Pathway to Peace course is easily worth 10 times what I’m charging for it. 

After all, it’ll help you find peace in your life both right now, and for life. You’ll be able to use the skills, strategies, and exercises I teach you in here again and again!

BUT my goal here was to make this a no-brainer price for you, no matter who you are, wherever you are, single, married, Momma to littles, full-time professional working woman, because women everywhere need this strategy NOW.

I don’t want you to find peace someday... I want you to take the first step TODAY.

SO, I have priced this so you don’t have to deliberate for days deciding. You can just get it and go!

"Ok, but will this benefit my unique rarely diagnosed anxiety disorder? I need some examples!"

Here’s the short answer:

Yes. No exception. You are absolutely unique, as are each of the situations and struggles in your life. However, God’s solutions for life work for everyone--the concepts behind Pathway to Peace are based in His Word, and since He designed you and knows you intimately, I’m sure they will work.

Here's the longer answer:

Here are some examples of people dealing with varying levels of anxiety who have benefited from this…

...Anxious thoughts,

...Generalized Anxiety Disorder

...High-Functioning (Confirmed but Undiagnosed) Anxiety

...Postpartum Anxiety

...Crippling fear

...Spiraling Thoughts

...Always the "worrier"

But, and this is SO IMPORTANT!

This isn’t just any digital course.

This strategy is very specific.


This isn’t about finding any “peace”.

This isn’t about inner serenity.

This isn’t about emptiness or mindfulness.

You don’t need tons of time to do this.


This isn’t random.

This isn’t about luck.

It’s better than all of that!

The framework shows you exactly how to:

  • Stop the spiral of anxious thoughts using God’s Word
  • Flip the script of thoughts and patterns of belief you have had for years following the Bible’s Process of Change
  • Rewire your brain with Scripture and neurohacking
  • Use God’s promises to conquer fear and grow your faith-walk with Him
  • Keep your peace long-term!

"But what about..."

Do I have to have tons of hours to do this? I have kids, and work, and a bajillion things to juggle right now--I can hardly keep up with text messages and have over 10 unheard voicemails!

You don’t have to spend tons of time (all day) reading, watching, listening to get results. Ain’t nobody got time for that! As a mom of 3 with one being a toddler, I get it! There is no spare time around here. Actually, “tons of time” is the complete opposite of what you need. You can complete this guide in about 20-30 minutes per day. Some days are shorter and some are longer--you can see how long they are when you view the lessons. The audio tracks are short and sweet: you can even listen while you go for a walk, do your makeup, fold laundry, or drive to pick-up dinner. I made this as do-able as possible because I get the time crunch!

Do I have to try to quit "stressing" cold-turkey for this to work? I have tried, and I'm honestly just a natural worrier.

You don’t have to quit stressing for this to work. Maybe you are a “worry-er” by nature, and you have tried quitting before. There is no cold-turkey quitting “worry” that actually works. This is God’s prescription for all of us, no matter what kind of “anxiety” you deal with today or tomorrow. If you will simply follow each day in the guide, you’ll see the results of peace growing in your daily life.

Do I have to spend even more money after this??? I have real life expenses to keep up with.

You don’t need to spend tons of $$$ to get results. Have you seen the cost of counseling and therapy these days? Yeah, I have. ;-) And, honestly, I think it’s worth it. I’m obviously a counselor, but I also stay in counseling myself to maintain my own heart and life. BUT, here’s the truth--you can get amazing results finding peace in your life by following the same steps outside of a counselor's office or Zoom room. 

Do I have to play Bible expert scholars to get what I need from this?

You don’t have to be an expert Bible scholar to implement this guide. In fact, that’s exactly why I created this--anyone, truly anyone, brand new believer to “Grandma” in the faith could pick this up and benefit from using it. It has deep, complicated truths broken down to what you need to know to get to a place of peace!

Do I have to totally focus on this? There's just no way-my life is crazy!

NOPE. You don’t have to stop doing all the things for this to work--there’s just so much going on in everyone's life, that honestly, it's unrealistic. There’s just no way. I know that I don’t have the luxury of picking and choosing what I get to do any given day, week, or month. My life keeps moving, and so does yours. What I do advise is using this as your primary Monday thru Friday time with God or Bible study.  

"Who is this actually for?"

Pathway to Peace is right for any (YES-ANY) Christian woman learning how to handle anxious thoughts, fear, and worry.

Whether you’re a professional working woman, mom, have been diagnosed with some level of anxiety or suspect it’s a problem, this is for you.


Learning biblically-based skills for handling anxiety can be a powerful way to help handle stress managing a full personal life and work life. You need professional skills to balance a professional career, and the reality is you need to a clear cut path to de-stress at the end of each day, and each work week. With the Custom Anxiety Action Plan, you will walk through exactly how to do that! 


If you have recently received a diagnosis or confirmed the list of symptoms, or perhaps it’s been years since you heard the words, and you’re just not seeing anything helping...enough. You’ve just about given up thinking it’s the inevitable (in fact, maybe your mom and grandmother also dealt with some level of anxiety to manage in their life too). It doesn’t have to be this way--God has some incredible truth and a beautiful plan to help you. When you begin using the Scripture Affirmation and learn how to apply truth from the Bible paired with biblical coping skills, it’s going to help you feel peace in your day again! 


If you’re a momma under a blanket of postpartum anxiety (and maybe a cloud of depression is going on here as well--this happens a lot, and I’m so sorry!) you need to catch your breath, and there’s just no way to get that deep breath you really need. You are going to have a voice in your ear helping you see the light, feel a sense of hope, and taking these few minutes each day to see how God’s design works for you to breathe deeply and find true rest. The audio coaching in here is going to be amazing for you, because you can listen while you sit and nurse a baby, do some dishes, go for a run, etc. and those little pockets of time are going to add up for a significant shift at the end of ten days!

"Cool. BUT, how does this actually work?"

Ohhh, friend! I’m going to get pretty excited now, because we are getting to all the nitty gritty good stuff you get when you snag your copy of Pathway to Peace!


Get your digital copy of Pathway to Peace here!


Check your inbox for a confirmation email.


Follow the 10-day framework to find your personal Pathway to Peace


Live more peaceful days using our oh-so-simple steps!

Grab Pathway to Peace today!


Now only $69.99

Get the discounted price today! The price is not guaranteed to stay this low.


We've got A's for your Q's

Can I buy it, try it, and then ask for a refund?

Due to the digital nature of Pathway to Peace (and the reality that you could consume it in just a few hours), there will be no refunds after purchase.

The reality though? Once you complete and put into practice Pathway to Peace (and find your own peace along the way), you’ll be wanting a referral program to be an affiliate. :) 

Will Pathway to Peace help me quit taking anxiety meds? Do I know it's for me?

NO! Always consult and work with your healthcare professional team when making changes to medications! Pathway to Peace is going to help address all areas of anxiety, but as a Biblical Counselor (NOT A MEDICAL DOCTOR) I will be helping you primarily work on the spiritual, emotional, and mental side of things. There are some situations, people, and types of anxiety where medication is truly helpful.

What exactly is a course portal? Do I need to be tech-savvy for this?

Nope! This course is available to you any time via computer or mobile device (apps available for Apple/Android) and is so easy to use, even if you have no technical skills you can access everything with a simple login and tap.

Note: This isn’t about helping you do a complicated two-step into peace touching your nose and wishing it to work. It’s crazy simple steps that you can simply read, listen, and answer some questions and it will guide you along. You aren’t going to try to control your entire life. Rather, you’re going to take it one day at a time. ALSO, you’ll have access to this for life. Like, as long as the interwebs exist, you’ll have access to this content at your fingertips!

When does this start? How do I get access to everything?

It starts as soon as you join Pathway to Peace! This is an instant-access, self-paced, quickie-course. So, all you need to do is sign up and you’ll get everything sent straight to your inbox.

So, you can start today! Or tomorrow! Or get it now and invite your friends and start together next week! Or next year! However, my vote is for starting sooner rather than later. 

In moments like this I always hear the quote in my head from Ben Franklin, “Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” Your two-weeks-from-now-self will be so glad you did!

How can I join Pathway to Peace?

A fantastic question with a super easy answer: Click here to join Pathway to Peace today!

This workshop is 3-4 years in the making…

However, it only takes you about 10 seconds to join and 10 days to implement these Biblical strategies in your own life!

Find your Pathway to Peace today and give your life a much-needed dose of peace and tranquility--and the skills for maintaining them that it needs!

Grab Pathway to Peace today…


Now only $69.99

Secure this introductory price today. The price will be going up July 18, 2020!